Hannibal: Very good. But not *That* good.

28 May 2008 23:37 #269912 by Matt Thrower
by MattDP    
May 28, 2008    


Like many people on this site, my first experience of card-driven games was Twilight Struggle which I loved and continue to enjoy. Indeed I loved it so much that I've been on a drive to learn and try other CDGs ever since. The first I attempted was Paths of Glory which was a disaster - I was completely swamped by the rules and options and bumbled around achieving nothing except making my more experienced opponent very bored. Then I tried 1960: The Making of the President, which was good, but not great and left me still on the lookout for a more maneuver-based CDG. Looking at the simpler end of this range of games there was We the People and Hannibal - and the latter ended up getting the nod.


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