Prevent the Spread of Cube Confusion in PANDEMIC

06 Mar 2008 04:35 #269929 by Michael Barnes
by Michael Barnes    
March 06, 2008    

In Z-Man Games blockbuster smash hit PANDEMIC, players are trying to stop wooden cubes from spreading over a map of the world.  The players must band together to end four different strains of the most virulent, insidious infectious disease ever known to mankind- CUBE CONFUSION.  Symptoms include a generalized inability to experience fun, an allergy to dice, increased weight gain, and sexual arousal caused by the scent of painted wooden cubes.  Generally spread by exposure to internet board game discussions and chiefly affecting middle-aged men, Cube Confusion was first discovered by Dr. Steven Weeks and has yet to be recognized by the CDC as the major public health threat it represents.


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