Interview with Nate Hayden of Blast City Games

22 Nov 2010 05:40 #269942 by Dr. Mabuse
Anthony Santiago: Hey Nate, thanks for doing this. So first...

It's well known among my gaming circle that I generally hate economic games.

The majority of them generally revolve around moving generic cubes around railroad tracks or shipping slaves from one colony to the next. BORING! Cripes, even the word economics makes me heavy with sleep.

A few months back, our fellow FATtie Jur compiled a list of upcoming and potentially interesting AT games and while perusing it I saw the game After Pabloon it. The short of it? Pablo Escobar the notorious drug lord is dead and each player takes the role of a cartel head, vying for control of Escobar’s lucrative drug trade. It’s a crime economic game where are you buying, smuggling and selling cocaine. SIGN ME UP!

I wanted to find out more about the designer Nate Hayden, his company Blast City Games and what led him to create this and his other crime economic game, San Quentin Kings, so I hired a private investigator and hunted his ass down to arrange an exclusive interview for the Fort. (Actually, I just Skyped him.)


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