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Learning about Cuba: and I haven't even played Cuba Libre yet...

31 Aug 2014 05:08 #269970 by daveroswell
All of the discussion of the GMT COIN series made...

All of the discussion of the GMT COIN series made me realize how much I wanted to learn about current history.  I started with an internet search of very basic history of Cuba.

Ok, hundreds of years of Spanish oppression, and then...wait, what?

Rarely do I come to a moment of clarity mixed with slight embarrassment of the lack of knowledge I had.  I have a Masters degree in Education, and I did not know Cuba was basically given to the US at the end of the Spanish American War.  I am still reading about the Platt Amendment; I am nowhere near Che Gueverra and Castro yet, and I'm sure I will want to researcg a little into the mafia involvement in Cuba, and maybe even look at how Cubans and Americans really felt about Desi Arnaz. (What can I say, I'm a TV buff).  I feel compelled to continue to research.


One question:  how are current relations with the US and Cuba?  I assume the embargo is still in place? 

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