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Stuff my dad says about boardgames

04 Nov 2010 22:00 #271100 by CranBerries
by cranberries    
November 04, 2010    


A recent email exchange with my father, who is 68 years old and blasts the tv so loudly that my mom is threatening to move in with us.


Dear Dad,

Go get a freaking hearing aid and quit punishing mom.  Also, it will allow you to talk with your family, which may or may not be something you want to do.




Jeff  to me

8:20 PM (23 hours ago)

Dear Mark,

Quit playing boring board games away from home with geeks and stay home and save your marriage.




Mark to Jeff

8:41 PM (23 hours ago)

What? I can't hear you.


Jeff to me

8:48 PM (23 hours ago)

I can't read your email because I am playing Monopoly.


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10 Feb 2019 09:16 #292030 by CranBerries
My dad passed away in 2014 when I was in Qatar, after having spent two years on his back in a nursing home. Rest in peace, dad.
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