The Duchess - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

07 Feb 2012 03:36 #271890 by repoman
There are movies that deliver a message that you disagree...

There are movies that deliver a message that you disagree with vehemently but they do so in such a stylish and subtle manner that you scarcely notice. You actually enjoy such a movie even though its philosophy is counter to your own. This is decidedly NOT one of those movies. Were you aware that the white male is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world, pitiless, cruel, self serving, and implacable in his use of power to crush the spirit of all those around him? Did you know self fulfillment is only obtained when one shirks duty and honor and worries only about self gratification? Well you won't be allowed to forget it as this movie beats  you over the head with those facts with all the style of a bar room drunk and all the subtlety of a beer bottle to the face. The so called romance lacks fire or believability and it's only purpose seems to be to give the female lead one more thing for the evil male to destroy. Garbage...complete and utter garbage.

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