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Barnes on Games #5: Remnants, Mars Open Tabletop Golf, Megaland, Spy Club

10 Oct 2018 18:51 #282997 by Michael Barnes

Back when we rebooted and relaunched as There Will Be Games a couple of months ago, I was suddenly flooded with review copies and titles that I picked up on my own that I wanted to cover. And I've fallen behind, so this edition of Barnes on Games is kind of a "catch up" on some things that I'd really like to get the word out on- some genuine surprises in this batch. So here's a pile of games and what I think about them.

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11 Oct 2018 21:18 #282998 by Deleted
Remnants doesnt really feel like a WP game because there’s only two places to work, and you don’t deny anyone else places when you’re working either of them. It’s just this weird little game.

The token stuff...taking them, moving them to the dead pile, replacing them...its fiddly AF and could have been better had they used a cube and tracks or something like they do with the city goods. It’s not onerous but just kind odpf feels like it was undercooked.

Still like the game and there’s not a lot of actual flaws, but the lack of player interaction and the limited places to work just kind of makes it multiplayer solitaire.

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11 Oct 2018 22:23 #282999 by mc
I was thinking about the SKy Kids game for a christmas present for the kids. They really enjoyed Outfoxed which we played several times at a local convention but I figured that would not last the distance in terms of playing it more than a few times - even the youngest could cope with something more, and I figured this one was going to nail it.

But I read the rules and went, okay, so there seems to be even less thematic play in it than outfoxed, where at least you are trying to identify a mystery suspect - this just looked like moving cards around to match. Sure, a puzzle, but a pretty drab, unrelated one. I remember Matt said the campaign was where it really shone, but.... hmmm. Maybe back on the fence.

As for Mars Golf.... such a good descrption of how things go for us. Everytime I think about buying a dexterity game we'll spend the morning playing table football or marbles down the hall or firing rubber bands at soldiers hiding out in a lego block city, and I think, hey, I got all the games I need right here. (Sorry Superfly, although your game from what I've seen looks like it nails that feeling). So I wonder how hard it would be to construct a few squarish cardboard golf balls.

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12 Oct 2018 09:21 #283009 by charlest
It's Jason - not James - Kingsley as the designer of Spy Club. Charles Wright was also the developer who did much of the campaign work.

(I know these people and consider them friends, so felt like I needed to clarify).
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