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Haven Board Game Review

09 May 2019 00:10 #296871 by AndrewMcAlpine
A friend of mine once made a comment about how...

Either save paradise or put up a parking lot.


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09 May 2019 14:16 #296872 by Joebot
Replied by Joebot on topic Haven Board Game Review
I've played this game a bunch, and I agree completely with your review, especially the "finicky" game turns. You really have to do the steps in just the right order, especially in regards to the "play immediately" Offering cards which break the normal turn order.

Being able to bluff by playing cards face-down is the secret magic ingredient in this game. It's fun when you're stuck with a seemingly useless card with a value of 0. Plunk that sucker face-down, then watch your opponent squirm and sweat.

I'm an unabashed Red Raven fanboy. I love their games, and I love Ryan Laukat's art style. But I do agree that their games have all the rough edges sanded off. I find that makes them perfect games to play with my 9-year-old son.
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