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December 02, 2020
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Episode 60 - Critical Strike

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December 01, 2020
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Zombie Kidz Evolution Review

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December 01, 2020
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November 30, 2020
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November 27, 2020
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Micro City Board Game Review

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November 27, 2020
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November 26, 2020
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F:ATties Five Favorites - Party Games

12 Jan 2010 22:17 #53111 by mjl1783
Pass-Out for sure.

I've played a lot of games in my day, but never have I played one that seemed like it was specifically designed to kill all the participants. My friends and I tried playing it with liquor once, and we all really should have died. I've been too drunk to stand up more times in my life than I care to remember, but this time, it felt like the Earth was literally rotating itself into my face.

After that, we just stuck to playing it with beer, all the way through, hard and fast. We'd still get pretty ripped. Anyone who couldn't make it to the end got dicks drawn all over his face.

Good times.

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13 Jan 2010 04:32 #53118 by scissors
Cash 'n' Guns
Say Anything
Tumblin' Dice
Pitch Car Mini (actually I've grown to hate this lately, but up until recently)
Strip Poker

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13 Jan 2010 09:37 #53126 by san il defanso
I think I'd have to say (in no particular order):

Werewolf - My love for this game goes much higher the more people there are. With less than 10, it isn't very good at all.

Time's Up - The published version isn't necessary at all. Just have everyone write down three famous names and throw them into a hat. You get the same effect. It is a terrific game though, one of the best party games out there.

Balderdash/Dictionary - Another game you don't need a published version for. This is a lot of fun, it just needs a decent way to end.

Wits and Wagers - I love that this game is short with about a page of rules. It also works great in big groups.

Taboo - Taboo is a great game if people don't just keep playing it ad nauseum. The rules say its supposed to go one time around the group, and that's about how long the interest can last for me.

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13 Jan 2010 11:20 #53130 by Stephen Avery
Wow- I hate most of these games. I do have a few party games in my collection though

Catch Phrase- not too bad for a guessing game. the timer and hot potatoe aspect keeps it interesting

HexHex- Pretty fun. It gets old after 15-20 mins but its fun splitting hexes and having 3 or four zipping around the table.

Faces- probably the best non gamer party game I own

Pit- Tons of fun. I love the chaos and frenetic play

Cash n Guns- Best of the bunch. I never get tired of this.

But when I think party games, Chandeliers, quarters, threeman, and strip poker come to mind. I've lost my touch but I was the MAN back in college. :D

Steve"back in the Day..."Avery

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13 Jan 2010 12:04 #53132 by Aarontu
Ca$h 'n Gun$ is definitely my favorite party game. Only plays up to 7, though (with some playing cards and a squirt gun. More than 7 and there's just not enough money to go around each round).

Wits and Wagers is a fun party/betting/kind-of-trivia game. It's hard to get people to play it because of the trivia bit, though.

CatchPhrase is fun. It's like Taboo, but better because there are less arguments over what you can/can't say.

The drawing/sentence telephone game (Eat Poop you Cat) is a fun, though it's not much of a game. :p

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