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Virgin Queen groping in the dark game

18 Jun 2012 13:33 #128474 by JoelCFC25
Related note: I have a module update nearly completed with a bunch of minor fixes and some graphical touchups for the errata items--most notably here is the ability of England to DOW Ireland for 1 CP (that change came down just a few days ago).

I'm hanging on for a bit longer until they decide whether or not they'll be changing the text of the Scottish Lords Rebel card, since people are tying themselves in knots trying to figure out how to resolve that event in certain situations.

I have to say I'm disappointed in the number of things in the game that weren't sufficiently spelled out in the rules and have had to be clarified post-release (especially a lot of the Activated Major Power stuff). It's still quite mild by wargame standards, but a bit of a letdown in relation to how airtight HIS was.

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18 Jun 2012 18:58 #128518 by Gary Sax
And you missed your chance for a week and a half. Off to Berlin!

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21 Feb 2014 17:57 #172262 by Not Sure
It's finally done!

Of the two VQ games started, one fizzled in about Turn 2 (the KingPut/Thirsty/etc game).

The other (JoelCFC, Dogmatix, Sax, Mikko, Bulwyf, me) went on for a year and a half, and ended this week in a Turn 5 Parliament explosion.

(there were a few stalls in the game, but we kept bringing it back to life each time... I know I was guilty of some slow play in there when life got busy.)

Joel's Turks were ahead on points (actually at 25), with the HRE, France, and Spain all around 20. As Spain, I took advantage of a previous failed English Catholic Rebellion in turn 4 (using Stafford to neutralize Walsingham) to amass a lot of dice and snatch the win.

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