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Twilight Struggle on Vassal anyone:?

03 Mar 2011 16:56 #89748 by jeb
Southernman, I played my first games recently as well. From what I was told, the newer player tends to do better with USSR. The Early War cards are a big old pile of Russia and the US can expect to come out of Early War down. That changes in Mid War, when every other damn card seems to hand the US the China card or some VPs. I also learned that Realignment is fucking awesome. I slurped my opponent out of most of SE Asia with four rolls. Too much fun.

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04 Mar 2011 04:22 - 04 Mar 2011 04:24 #89771 by Matt Thrower
Southernman wrote:

Don't know if I'll keep it though as the time it takes to play a game right through may make it hard to find time to play it, how long does it take others here in face to face games ? Admittedly the other guy was learning and I wasn't that sure on most my moves but we did 8 turns in about 3.5 hours. (A quick count shows that a full game involves around 150 card plays).

I haven't played that many face-to-face games but I don't recall any taking more than three hours to play to conclusion. It probably helped that one of the players (me) is experienced and can lay down the rules quickly and play reasonably fast. But from what I've read elsewhere that's about accurate for people who know how to play: 3 hours max, with a number of games ending earlier due to auto-wins.

If face-to-face games are difficult, play by Email. ACTS means you can turn a game around in few days if people are making regular moves. There's also wargameroom where the automated stuff speeds up live play massively, cuts about a third off the play time.
Last edit: 04 Mar 2011 04:24 by Matt Thrower.

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27 Mar 2011 14:27 - 27 Mar 2011 15:16 #92356 by southernman
Card Question in Vassal module - Olympic Games
Is this card automated in the module ? I have played it in the Headline phase, selected Play Event and nothing has happened (apart from the text stating the card has been played) - no options for me and when the logfile was sent on no options for the other player.
In the shortened game I played with Oz all the events we played were automated, but since this requires a decision (to boycott or not) by your opponent it's possible you have to manually play it out (rolling the dice and taking VPs).

Answered by module programer (damn quick), not automated in PBEM.
Last edit: 27 Mar 2011 15:16 by southernman.

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29 Mar 2011 13:46 #92573 by ThirstyMan
If anyone wants to try TS on ACTS (just use VASSAL to keep track of the bits) then I am up for it. I have played maybe 5 times so no way am I an expert or a shark.

Pm me if you fancy it (sharks need not apply)

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