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Runebound VASSAL

05 Jul 2011 11:48 #99021 by ThirstyMan
Runebound VASSAL was created by ThirstyMan
Does anyone know where I can get hold of Runebound VASSAL module (not cyberboard as I hate it)?

Yes, I know all the FFG controversy about disallowing VASSAL modules...I was hoping someone knew of a private module. It would be a hell of a lot easier than setting up a game for solitaire.

I don't care if the text is missing on the cards (as I have the physical game). Hell, I could probably add text back in if it was just for my solo games...

Can anyone help?????

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08 Jul 2011 01:00 #99149 by Grudunza
Replied by Grudunza on topic Re: Runebound VASSAL
I was going to make a module for that, with the Sands expansion, and I scanned everything with the intent to do that... but I never took the time to put the module together. Maybe someday, though, but I can't make any promises about when that might be. Way too busy with other things.

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