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What board games should be remade as video games?

13 Apr 2019 02:11 #295432 by Colorcrayons
Survive! has/had a video game implementation.

I never played the official one, which no longer exists. But I do have a very nice unofficial one. It really needs an official version.

Space Hulk has had a few, yet nothing compares to Space Hulk Tactics, which is not only the most faithful rendition, but actually an improvement on the original. Heresy, I know.

My biggest wishlist, and one that would be fucking nearly impossible due to the amount of permutations and variables, is Wiz-War. I would just sell the farm for a way to play that as a multiplayer video game, and guarantee I'd buy any system on day one which could accomplish this feat.
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14 Apr 2019 08:41 #295470 by Sevej
Gloomhaven, obviously. Too many components, too much time for setup.

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