101 Things in a 1001 Days

101 Things in a 1001 Days

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Shinnen Omedeto! (Happy New Year!)

I hope all my friends in F:AT land had a safe and great New Year's Day.  I spent the day mostly loafing about at home.  Started working on a PnP called House of Horrors.  About mid-day was when I decided I'd had enough of puttering around and decided to draft out my 101-1001.

It’s a little project that I spotted on an LJ community several years ago.  Basically, you do 101 things in 1001 days.  Some of them are relatively easy, some of them I know for a fact that I probably won't even get to finish.  Regardless, I wanted to try.

Here is my list, in no particular order or priority:

1.    Pay off Wells Fargo
2.    Establish financial safety net
3.    Paint house exterior
4.    Learn Mandarin
5.    Brush up on my Japanese (get fluent again)
6.    Visit Hong Kong with family during Chinese New Year
7.    Paint Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard army completely
8.    Paint Warhammer 40k Eldar army completely
9.    Get my weight down to 188 lbs.
10.    Pass the Army fitness test
11.    Replay Fallout 2
12.    Arrange wife to see orthodontist
13.    Remodel garage into game room
14.    Get a Pachinko machine
15.    Repaint interior of house
16.    Help JoAnn with painting the kitchen
17.    Plant vegetable garden
18.    Construct a Neverwinter Nights module
19.    New furniture for den
20.    Reupholster Gramma's chair
21.    Finish “To Be Human” and give it to Trish
22.    Set up Noah's college fund
23.    Get life insurance
24.    Visit Chicago with family
25.    Visit Seattle with family
26.    Visit Boston with family
27.    Ride an Amtrak train
28.    Write will
29.    Get Quiz & Dragons
30.    Replace kitchen sink
31.    Finish Icewind Dale II
32.    Replace back door
33.    Finish Devil May Cry
34.    Finish Paraworld
35.    Repaint raised portion of garage floor
36.    Fix cracked pavement
37.    Replace front door knob
38.    Surprise JoAnn
39.    Check credit report
40.    Teach Noah to ride his bike without training wheels
41.    Clear out bedroom closet
42.    Clear out office closet
43.    Frame Feng Shui poster
44.    Frame Pipa
45.    Replace wire screen on microwave cart
46.    Clear out library
47.    Get Soulstorm
48.    Get new PC
49.    Get laptop for JoAnn
50.    Take down birdhouse and put up new one
51.    Get new suit
52.    Renew passport
53.    Get Noah a passport
54.    Landscape front yard
55.    Stain fence
56.    Bike ride on the St. Tammany trace with family
57.    Watch the entire Slayers  series
58.    Complete Cowboy Bebop collection
59.    Complete DMC:TAS collection
60.    Teach Noah to swim
61.    Arrange to have German Wehrmacht Army officer's sabre to be put on loan with D-Day museum
62.    Learn to draw 63.    Finish GOMCO game review
64.    Finish Farseer review
65.    Finish PnP of Dead of Night
66.    Finish PnP arena for The Hunt
67.    Get rid of CDs I don't listen to anymore
68.    Dance with JoAnn to our song
69.    Take JoAnn on romantic trip
70.    Finish Crone World session report
71.    Finish Murder City session report
72.    Help Noah graduate from being a Bear Scout
73.    Clear out attic
74.    Replace missing pieces to my games (D&D board game, American Dream, etc.)
75.    Finish writing WDC Rules Omnibus
76.    Feng Shui-ify Monster Hunter International universe to have my friends play
77.    Convince my players to try Justifiers (again).
78.    Convince my players to play Living Steel
79.    Clear out the clutter in the house
80.    Get a new weed eater
81.    Rearrange the garage
82.    See The Avengers with my son
83.    See The Hobbit with the family
84.    Finish Bauhaus Bunker paper mini terrain
85.    Finish Imperial Bridge Head paper mini terrain
86.    Finish Brotherhood cathedral paper mini terrain
87.    Finish Brotherhood expansion
88.    Get minis for Brotherhood expansion
89.    Get a Dark Cults set for Brandy
90.    Get the NWN Omnibus collection
91.    Build a Cubmobile
92.    Teach Noah the 1-12 multiplication tables
93.    Paint Nin-Gonost miniatures
94.    Write a game review for Tai-Pan
95.    Write a game review for Whirlwind
96.    Finish writing Pigeon
97.    Finish writing Offworld
98.    Finish creating the Demnogonis Sourcebook
99.    Create Semai Sourcebook
100.    Finish Genesis Rising
101.    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

And the finish date is 9-28-14.  Starting this weekend... Wish me luck.

101 Things in a 1001 Days There Will Be Games
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