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Gary Sax   October 17, 2014   973  
"If I could add to your excellent [analysis] of the game and why and how to win in Archipelago, I think I would add this that I was expecting for you reach at some point in your [post]...   In Archipelago you need to win discreetely and not outrageously. You need to [finely] tune your victory, not being too obvious, not smash[ing] down your opponent under your feet with a huge gap of difference, let the others think they are still well in the game. At least this is what I think and discovered after quite...
san il defanso   March 04, 2014   3828  
We’re living in an age of core sets, and core sets are brutally difficult to review. By necessity they are a stripped down form of the game that will look entirely different in a year. Game reviews are therefore forced to either judge a game entirely on potential, or on what does or doesn’t work at the ground floor. By any reasonable measure, I’ve played enough games of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to produce a solid review. But at this point there is way more content for the game than I have explored, and a fair bit more...
Ken B.   December 21, 2010   16395  
Usually, here at the Fortress will feature some sort of "Game of the Year" article.  And while I personally have some candidates (as do the rest of the F:AT staff), who are we to tell YOU what YOUR game of the year is?  
Michael Barnes   December 03, 2009   5352  
Sadly, this installment of Michael's Magical Mailbag over at does not include a Cease and Desist letter. I feel left out, marginalized, and disappointed. What do I have to do to get one? What if I posted scandalous photographs of IG officers in congress with Tyranid prostitutes or produced recordings proving that the Eldar are, in fact, nothing more than Space Elves? Maybe I'll just get a tattoo. In this mailbag, however, we do have a couple of letters from our very own F:ATties, Sleight of Hand and Southernman. Bill Abner told me that...
ubarose   March 27, 2009   5965  
Today we have a boring, serious question from Jeb.
Michael Barnes   March 14, 2009   5283  
Mr Skeletor   February 09, 2008   5762  
Originally the Mailbag segment was an opportunity to just post about nonsense really, an opportunity for people to post whatever the heck they want.  I more or less retired it a while ago, it seems like a redundant segment now that we have forums and member submissions. So I must admit to being somewhat surprised when Franklincob asked me if I’d been checking the mailbag (the answer, of course, was no) as we had gotten something.   This also gives me the opportunity to make a couple of announcements, so here...
Hollyhock   February 05, 2008   3777  
Dear FA: I’m the guy who in BGG rated Agricola with a 1 with the comment “Hello gentlemen. All your hype are belong to us”. I present myself with that phrase because being quoted as a “bannable offense” by an Eurogamer is the most remarkable thing I apparently have made on that site, apart from some rules translation and minor stuff.
8 results - showing 1 - 8