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  • Arkham Horror: The Grudunza Horror (Part 3: Unsung Heroes)

Arkham Horror: The Grudunza Horror (Part 3: Unsung Heroes)

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There Will Be Games

This is an entirely new type of thing, sort of a mix of an Ally, a Guardian and a shared Investigator.  I haven't tried this out yet, so if you get a chance to playtest it, I'd really appreciate any feedback.  While this is meant to be an Ally/Guardian, in essence, there is a cost for hiring each person and a penalty (though generally mild) when they are removed from the game, and they may require some finesse and timing to use in a way that will be most beneficial.  In theory, I really like this idea, so hopefully it plays out well.

(For full-size images, right-click and select "View Image" or "Open Image in New Tab".)

Unsung Heroes rules sheet (or the back side of each Hero sheet):

Unsung Heroes rules

Detective Shaw:

Detective Shaw

(Note: There is only meant to be one marker in play... I'm providing the round counter as an alternative, which might give them more distinction when on the board.)

Eliza Brisbane:


Father Dan:

Father Dan

Boris the Bull:

Boris the Bull


Leonard Schultz:

Leonard Schultz


Nurse Anya:

Nurse Anya


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There Will Be Games
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