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Wildside, a new app, is designed to be used with all types of tabletop RPGs, even homebrews. It has hundreds of searchable spells, animals, and items to allow players to craft games on the fly or plan for hours. 

The kickstarter is going on right now, and the app is promising to be amazing. Players can roll up, store, and use characters from multiple games on mobile devices (including phones) as well as via the web, so favorite characters are never lost or unavailable. GMs can push information to characters, create robust campaigns, and also draw from 10,000+ monsters, spells, and treasure items built into the app. Dice can be configured in any way the GM desires, and rolls can either be viewed by the whole group or hidden. In-app chat allows for full party conversations, as well as “note passing” to a GM or side conversations. Advanced world-building tools make it easy for a GM to start up a game with little prep time, or to spend hours tweaking a pre-planned or commercially purchased game.

 The Kickstarter is here: 

The development team is bringing on some heavy hitters in terms of art, they've got Fantasy and Sci-fi award-winning artists already signed on to do the skins and avatars. Dave Seeley, an Expose 11 Master award winner said: 

“If you're an RPG gamer, check out this Kickstarter campaign for a ground-breaking Gaming System app. Enhance and expand on your pen and paper RPGs, while simplifying the accounting. Come on over to the Wildside. It's developed by an uber-talented team lead by SF luminary Leigh Grossman. It will feature my art, along with art from fellow art buds Tom Kidd, Stephen Hickman, Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, Alan Beck, Randy Lagana and Judy York. Please consider jumping on board this fantastical voyage, and helping spread the word.” 

This free app will make gaming easier and more accessible for all tabletop RPG players. Information for favorite games will be easily available on multiple platforms, and easily updated. It uses modern technology to recreate the feel of the early days of RPGs, when you could have a spur-of-the-moment game anytime you had a free moment without having to spend time gathering dice, character sheets, and overscheduled friends together.