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Dungeon Degenerates Second Printing Kickstarter Announced

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Dungeon Degenerates Kickstarter

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June 29, 2018
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Dungeon Degenerates returns to Kickstarter to fund it's second printing.  All of the Dungeon Degenerates game materials will be available as add-ons through the campaign at a special discount.

Dungeon Degenerates is for 1-4 players co-op. Players can form parties or split up throughout the game at will; there is no obligation to stick together. Game play is 1-3 hours based on mission. Dungeon Degenerates has an epic RPG campaign feel in an open world sandbox board game, and you bring your experience & items from previous missions. There are multiple missions & objectives of varying difficulty with multiple ways to approach each mission. Dungeon Degenerates is set in a cohesive & fixed world with multiple distinct regions which feature unique encounters & thematic monsters. Encounters allow multiple interaction choices; you do not have to fight everyone you see. Play features an open experience system allowing for character customization with new skills. You are always in danger - the town is not an artificial safe zone - combat is dangerous. There are various modes of travel - players cooperate to choose their route & pace, or split up & fend for themselves. Dungeon Degenerates features streamlined combat with tactical depth; each player rolls dice only once on their turn, using standard 6-sided dice only. There are over 100 monsters with unique abilities & artwork.