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Fired Up  Board Game

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September 04, 2019
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September 18, 2019
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April 2020
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Fired Up is a unique arena game in which players are NOT taking the roles of the fighters but become the audience instead.
Each member of the audience however has their own agendas on what they want to happen in the game and will use their influence to achieve it!

In each round of Fired Up players receive 4 Highlight cards from which they will choose their objectives for the round. Subsequently they will use their influence dice to try and make all the fighters in the field behave accordingly to increase their chances of scoring points.


The game uses a unique blend of mechanics that was awarded as the #1 Board Game Design in Epitrapezio Contest a few years back. 
Since then, Drawlab undertook the game and with the amazing artwork from The Mico the game now has a cyberpunk theme and miniatures.


Fired Up is live on Kickstarter for the next 2 weeks, with each backer receiving with their pledge:
-a free expansion of the game

-a Unique Box,exclusive for the campaign.

- Game Trayz

and the option to receive all the miniatures painted.


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