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Forest Adventure on Kickstarter Now

G Updated
on Kickstarter Now

Game Information

1 - 20

Kickstarter Information

Base Pledge
Start Date
February 16, 2021
End Date
February 28, 2021
Estimated Delivery
June 2021
There Will Be Games

"Forest Adventure" is a new game what take you to new level of gaming.
The game has multiple difficulty levels, from child mode to strategic mode.


You went on a trip with friends. After setting up the camp, it turned out that on the way you lost a basket with provisions.
Additionally, one of the backpacks was torn and protective equipment against insects and other items helpful during the trip fell out of it.
You decide to find the lost basket with food in order to play by the camp fire in the evening.

The forest is full of surprises. You can stand face to face with a dangerous bear or meet poisonous snakes on your way.
However, not all obstacles are dangerous, be careful not to get distracted and get lost while listening to the beautiful voice of singing birds.
During the journey, you will also meet harmless animals, observing them and not disturbing them can help you find your way faster.
You will also have to cross dangerous canyons and swamps.

Some facts about the game, I think you should love it :) :

Game rules

The game is started by the player who rolls the most dice. Successive players move clockwise.
If more than one player is on the same space, nothing happens. After completing your move, if you are standing on a square with a crate, take a card from the deck of adventure cards and follow the instructions on the card. If you stood on the action space, you execute the command from that space.
Rolling 6 points each time entitles you to extra move. Only rolling a different number of spots ends the turn.
To complete the game, in the last move you need to roll as many stitches as you have left to the basket.

Difficulty level

With this game you can play on several difficult levels what make game more interested and tageted to everyone.
You can play with your yungest child 3+ or play with advanced players in strategic, coop or rivalry mode using standard dice or movement card.
The game can take 10 minutes on child mode or even couple hour on maximum difficulty level. 

Normal level - Variant 1

In the basic variant of the game, the difficulty level is on the normal level - 5/10.

You play in classic style:
throw the dice -> move -> get the card if you stand on field with chest -> follow the instruction -> end turn

The length of the game oscillating about 15-30 minutes but depends on the player's luck and skill in throwing the dice, meetings with forest inhabitants and the collected equipment.

Some of example other level in game:

Child mode

Difficulty level - 1/10
This is the fastest game timeand can take 10 minute or less. This level is for everyone who want fast end or have children who can't sit on place more than 10 minute:)
The goal of the game is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. You don't use any cards, all action spaces are neutral and nothing happens on them. The crossroads are also neutral, and you choose your own direction of travel. If your move ends in a space that has been occupied by another player, you occupy the next empty space.

Meeting mode

Difficulty level - 6/10
You win only when collect all animals you will meet - 15 animals - one card per each. You take adventure cards from the pile of cards only after you have finished moving on the field with the box.
But be careful, if you lose on action fields - ants, bees, swamp, rock pillar, suspension bridge and ponds, you lose all collected card.
When you end your move on basket with food, next turn you will begin on camp and lose all equipment cards and map card.
All your lost cards you need to return the bottom of the pile of cards.

Card mode - strategic

Difficulty level – 9/10
This mode offers the possibility of strategic thinking and planning, but the game time increases significantly, so it is recommended for players who like the highest level of difficulty in games.
In this mode, you play the base game.
During the game, you only use the dice when you encounter animals. In this mode, you use movement cards to move around the board - cards marked with dice.
At the beginning of the game, shuffle the movement cards and deal 5 cards to all players so that the other players cannot see them. Leave the rest of the cards on the pile.

During your turn, you may use one of your cards to move and reveal it to the players. However, if neither card meets your strategic plans, you choose the first move card in the pile, which ultimately determines your move.
Each used movement card is returned to the bottom of the movement deck.
After you have used all your movement cards, on the next turn, you take the first 5 cards from the pile and continue the game.

More info on game site: Gafrond Game
"Gafrond games" is my new brand of my upcoming board games and card games.

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