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  • Riot Games, Five Labs, and Wizkids Headline this Week's Board Game News

Riot Games, Five Labs, and Wizkids Headline this Week's Board Game News

D Updated
Riot Games, Five Labs, and Wizkids headline this week's board game news
There Will Be Games

Sequels, expansions, new editions and Kickstarters. This was a fantastic month for board game news.

Board Game Sequels

A sequel to Mechs vs Minions? With the League of Legends World Tournament a couple weeks away Riot Games has been busy. Very busy. According to, they’ve recently filed two trademarks. One suspiciously named: RIOT TABLETOP. Although a trademark isn’t conclusive, and this could be the best out of season April Fools' joke since Diablo Immortals. Being that Mechs vs Minions was one of the first games I reviewed, you can bet your arse I’m excited.

Something a bit more tangible, but not by much, is the recently announced 7th Citadel. This solo/cooperative board game is the sequel to the super popular 7th Continent. Following the same choose your adventure playstyle it boasts ‘enhanced’ gameplay. However, given it won't be released until 2021, we’ll be waiting a long while to find out how ‘enhanced’ it actually is.


New Edition

Sidereal Confluence and it's extremely long subtitle are also getting enhanced. A new version is being released in May 2020. With art by one of my favourites: Kwanchai Moriya. Judging by the amount of love and praise this game received, this is HUGE news. And just in time for my birthday.

Sidereal Confluence



An expansion to AEG’s Tiny Towns is dropping in early 2020 called: Tiny Towns: Fortune. I’m wary about this news. As with slim, slick games like Tiny Towns you don’t want to bloat it with unnecessary mechanics. Hopefully, it’s designed with this in mind and I’m back next year to tell you how great it is.

Tiny Towns Fortune


Keeping on the subject of expansions, Rio Grande Games is releasing a new one for Underwater Cities. The description on Board Game Geek says that it’s a modular expansion that introduces new cards, new assistants, new green metropolis, and one BIG surprise.

Underwater Cities



Over on Kickstarter, I’m proud to announce, one of my friends has had his first game picked up and (hopefully) soon to be delivered. LumberJerks is a quick family friendly card game, or great after a few beers. And at only 16 dollars, it’s worth a look.


Another cheap game that’s worth a look is Mint Cooperative. The third in the ever growing series of mint games. This time they’ve enlisted the help of the famed board game designer Jonathon Gilmour - Dead of Winter, Dinosaur Island. You play a bunch of fresh breathed super heroes protecting the town from the evil wiles of Ginger Vitus. Which to me sounds dumb enough to be a good time.


Personally, I missed the boat on Everdell. However, the allure of the Redwall nostalgia from the artwork draws me in like Spiderham and a freshly baked pie. This time they’re offering not one but two expansions. Spirecrest takes players out of the comfort of Everdell. Allowing them to send a rabbit adventuring into the mountains, where weather cards will change the way you play. Bellfaire on the other hand introduces rules and components for 5 or 6 player games, as well as a host of modules, special events, Garland awards, and unique player powers.


Godspeed from Pandasaurus games introduces us to a new conspiracy. What if the moon landing really happened, but only to secure funding for exploits further within the galaxy? This worker placement game focuses on nations creating their outpost on an exo-planet deep within the galaxy. However, unlike a lot of worker placement games, the focus here is player interaction.


Before we wrap up today, there’s one last announcement. CMON are putting together a time capsule on Kickstarter. A way to get all the Kickstarter goodies you may have missed from their previous predatory campaigns. This is huge news and I fully support CMON doing this year on year, if only so I won’t continually put off buying Rising Sun.

There Will Be Games
David Norris  (He/Him)
Associate Writer

David Norris is a board game reviewer from Brisbane, Australia. When he’s not writing reviews, he’s usually playing board games or reading rules. And when he’s not doing that, he’s goofing around with Steph, his loving wife, toddler son, Jay and Chester the Corgi.

You can find more of his work at Roll to Review, a one man blog that pumps out fortnightly board game reviews.

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Vysetron replied the topic: #302087 30 Sep 2019 11:12
Just a reminder not to give Starling Games (Everdell) your money if you ever took issue with Game Salute in the past. They did a good job covering it up, seems like a lot of folks don't know.