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Runebound - Essential Collection Expansion

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The lands of Terrinoth seem to cry out for adventure...and adventure is never long to answer. Heroes and villains clash upon these lands to forge legendary tales that will live on in the campfires and bard's songs of tomorrow. Many have come before you to set out on that open path - and many have failed! Do you have what it takes to become a legend of Terrinoth?

Breathe new life into your Runebound experience with the Essential Collection, containing six previously released, single-deck expansions. Also included are two Adventure variants (The Cataclysm and The Seven Scions) designed to introduce new story lines and new Challenge cards to your game. With cursed stars falling from the sky and the threat of the Stormlords invading Terrinoth, heroes are needed more than ever! Each of these Adventure variants are comprised of new game rules and new Adventure decks that replace the Rise of the Dragonlords Adventure in the core set.

Also included are the Beasts and Bandits and Traps and Terrors Challenge card expansions for new encounters, and the Weapons of Legend and Rituals and Runes expansions which add new Item types and dozens of new weapons, allies, and artifacts.

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