Pirates 2ed: Governor's Daughter

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Pirates 2ed: Governor's Daughter

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The Governor`s Daughter has been kidnapped again! The villainous and insatiable Dread Pirate Roberts has again claimed his chance to acquire a ransom for the life and the chastity of a beautiful damsel in distress. This formidable act of villainy has shocked the other pirates of the Archipelago. Never had they witnessed such a breach of etiquette! Now, they set sail to find the fragments of the map leading to Robert`s hideout. But before they find it, adventures and isles await!

Pirates: Governor`s Daughter is a re-edition of an adventure-economical board game hit. Thanks to the brand new rules, you will experience fabulous sea adventures, sack the cities and trade routes of the Archipelago, get rich dealing with exotic wares or die trying to compel bloodthirsty pirates. And in the end, you will free the beauty in distress and save the world from the Dread Pirate Roberts! Arrgh!


  • 108 Wooden Markers
  • 55 Adventure Cards
  • 24 Tokens
  • 8 Map Markers
  • 4 Pirate Cards
  • 4 Ship Markers
  • Rulebook
Pirates 2ed: Governor's Daughter There Will Be Games
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