The Tower of Madness Board Game in Stores Soon

The Tower of Madness Board Game in Stores Soon

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The Tower of Madness Board Game

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The Tower of Madness

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Investigate Unspeakable Horrors, Without Losing Your Marbles! Literally.

A three-dimensional clock tower, stands a foot tall, filled with marbles. Thirty other worldly tentacles push through the tower walls in every direction, in this high tension, push your luck dice game of Lovecraft inspired horror. Each Location card has its own unique dice challenge. Fail and you may slip into insanity – or summon Cthulhu and end the world itself.

Casual game play, dice-rolling fun, tense and gripping as you draw tentacles and await your fate!

Players take turns fulfilling location cards in push-your-luck dice rolling, however if they fail their investigation, they must face the tower. The actual tower stands over a foot tall, and houses colored marbles held in place by 30 demonic tentacles, much in the style of the older game Kerplunk. Failing to fulfill a card means pulling a tentacle from the tower, possibly releasing colored marbles, which add to your discovery total but permanently affect your character. Even worse, the tower may release a DOOM marble, which is one more step towards summoning Cthulhu, and ending the game. The investigator with the most discovery wins.

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Posted: 07 Jun 2018 13:19 by Space Ghost #274924
Space Ghost's Avatar
Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous. Looks like a combination of yahtzee and can likely get both for less than $10.
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 13:26 by ubarose #274925
ubarose's Avatar
From what I have heard, it is indeed a combination of Yahtzee and Ker-Plunk. Taking mainstream games and putting a twist on them is Smirk & Daggers stock-in-trade.
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 13:29 by Colorcrayons #274926
Colorcrayons's Avatar
It must be the utter annihilation of my sanity brought on by astral alignment, but I want this version of Kerplunk pretty badly.

One of my favorite childhood games.

A trashy game made über trashy. Magnifique!
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 13:54 by hotseatgames #274928
hotseatgames's Avatar
This looks like fun!
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 14:01 by Michael Barnes #274930
Michael Barnes's Avatar
I am so requesting a review copy of this.
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 16:04 by SuperflyTNT #274934
SuperflyTNT's Avatar

What the actual fuck
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 16:05 by SuperflyTNT #274935
SuperflyTNT's Avatar
And yes, I will be first in line for this
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 16:35 by Shellhead #274939
Shellhead's Avatar
I don't need this game. Ker-PLONK.
Posted: 07 Jun 2018 18:04 by ChristopherMD #274941
ChristopherMD's Avatar
This will be an awesome thrift shop find someday. Possibly a couple years after release.
Posted: 08 Jun 2018 03:45 by MattDP #274962
MattDP's Avatar
Good god, no.
Posted: 08 Jun 2018 03:54 by Colorcrayons #274963
Colorcrayons's Avatar
MattDP wrote:
"Good god, no."
~ Matt Thrower

Oh, you KNOW that's going to be the copy blurb on the cover of the game.

Posted: 08 Jun 2018 07:00 by Shellhead #274970
Shellhead's Avatar
In the '90s, I collected games that featured the Cthulhu Mythos. I'm glad that I stopped.
Posted: 08 Jun 2018 08:46 by the_jake_1973 #274974
the_jake_1973's Avatar
This does seem like a great filler game. I don't care how derivative. A little pricey though.
Posted: 08 Jun 2018 10:02 by SuperflyTNT #274984
SuperflyTNT's Avatar
That's the thing I don't get. 55$? Kerplunk is a 20$ game and Yahtzee is a 10$ game.

Yes, I get that this has CUSTOM MOLDED PARTS but fuck that. That's steep. I'm guessing 39.99$ at Miniature Market and Coolstuff.

And then 5$ at Goodwills in cities which have large gamer populations.