That’s Not Lemonade Kickstarter Launched

That’s Not Lemonade Kickstarter Launched

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That’s Not Lemonade

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That’s Not Lemonade

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Can you outdrink the competition and secure your spot on the block?

In this super easy to learn press-your-luck game, there’s only one question you have to ask yourself: to drink or not to drink? Drink the most lemonade and you win... but watch out! Some people have seen Little Johnny, the neighborhood rascal, sneakin’ about, and you might end up drinking something... That's Not Lemonade!

Open Table Game: Join late, leave early, the game still works!

Easy to Learn, Fast to Play: Takes one turn to learn and only ten minutes to play!

Maximum Tension, Minimum Rules: Press-your-luck distilled down to its purest form.

A card counter’s delight! Designed by the incredible Matt Fantastic with beautiful art by Kelsey Cretcher, That's Not Lemonade! is a great addition to your table. It's fast, light, and fun and we really think you'll enjoy it. The first time we ever played - we started at midnight and didn't leave the table until six in the morning. That's a lot of playing for a 10 minute game!

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