Heroes of Terrinoth Announced and Avalible for Pre-Order

Heroes of Terrinoth Announced and Avalible for Pre-Order

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Heroes of Terrinoth Card Game

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Heroes of Terrinoth

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Heroes of Terrinoth is a cooperative card game of questing and adventure that invites you and up to three allies to take on the role of unique heroes, choosing from twelve distinct and powerful heroes, split between four archetypes—healer, warrior, mage, and scout. These archetypes are further diversified into different classes that your heroes can pursue as your power grows. Regardless of which class you embrace, you and your friends must combine your powers, leaning on one another’s strengths to survive your journeys and defeat the enemies who stand against you. Over the course of eight thrilling quests, you will face villainous foes, battle deadly creatures, and save the realm! If you have any hope of surviving the desperate task before you, you will need to forge a mighty party of adventurers. You may call upon a skilled scout to track your enemies’ movements or a warrior to make quick work of a goblin horde. A healer’s unquestionable skill in the mending arts will doubtless come in handy as your battles take their tolls, and a mage’s link to the arcane may prove invaluable when you must think on your feet. On top of their quest specialization, each hero has a unique ability that offers them an edge, and with each new quest your band plays, you will gain experience, learn new abilities, and discover equipment to help you overcome future challenges. And that's a good thing, because the threats to the realm gather strength with each passing day.

Heroes of Terrinoth Announced and Avalible for Pre-Order There Will Be Games
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Posted: 23 Jun 2018 02:44 by repoman #276068
repoman's Avatar
Co-op? Terrinoth? Those are two big hurdles to overcome.

I wonder if it's like Pathfinder. No way to know based on this press release but itvsure sounds like it.
Posted: 23 Jun 2018 03:48 by san il defanso #276069
san il defanso's Avatar
This is a reimplementation of the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. I'm glad FFG is willing to give the system another try. Even though the change in setting is a downgrade, it does have more content in the box.
Posted: 23 Jun 2018 07:35 by Jackwraith #276073
Jackwraith's Avatar
That was the really encouraging thing to me, too. I'm fine with the Terrinoth setting, since I have and enjoy all the other Rune-whatever games. But I liked that they were both reviving an interesting system from the Warhammer game and providing more content than that game originally had. I suspect that's a direct reflection of the cost of the license. Without that expense, they're able to produce more material for the game itself, which I would consider a win for the purchaser/player. Do you really think playing as a Witch Hunter or dwarf Berzerker in this kind of card game is so compelling that it's better than having more options as heroes and more adventures to play through? Personally, I'd rather have more game.