Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition

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Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition

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Quarriors is (still!) a fast-paced Game of hexahedron Monster combat where you must strategically balance your options Each turn to earn more Glory than your opponent (and this ultimate quedition maximizes your options)!

Will you play with the original Game, or will you mix in the expansions for more quarrelsome quarry? Roll dice, summon creatures, capture quarry, avoid the devastating Corruption, go on Quizzical quests, fight for the forces of light or dark, outmaneuver your opponents, become the champion of quaridia, and gain the attention of empress Quintana today with quarriors qultimate quedition!

Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition inclueds the base game and all five expansion sets, plus all of the promos published for the game.  It will also feature an all-new Quarry:  The Ghost of X-Mas Past, Present, and Future.

Quarriors!  Qultimate Quedition will include 340 dice, 211 cards, a double-sided Glory Tracker, 4 glory markers, 4 quest markers, and 4 felt dice bags.

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