Coralia Coming this Fall

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Coralia Coming this Fall

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November 29, 2019
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An underwater adventure.

Off the coast of an ancient, half-sunken pirate island, you are a marine biologist working on the preservation of coral reefs. With the aid of your diving robots, the ROVs, you’ll try to discover unique and special species among the reefs. During your exploration, you might even uncover long lost treasures. Place your ROVs wisely and gather the best data, for greatness awaits the most successful scientist on this undersea mission!

The look of the game is beautiful and engaging and includes unique octopus and diver meeples. Interesting game mechanics where dice ‘bots’ specify both the reef and the features you can explore. Minutes to learn, but ample strategy choices for all ages. Comes with 3D diving bell dice cup!


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