War for Edadh – Multiplayer Mayhem!

War for Edadh – Multiplayer Mayhem!


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illustration of angueth warring faction

UK games company WarriorElite announces the release of 3 multiplayer games for War for Edadh: the beginning.

Following the release of the first expansion to War for Edadh last month – The Art of Conflict – WarriorElite have posted 3 multiplayer variants of play to their website. Free to download, each game provides a different gaming experience for gamers.

Allied Front is ideal for any even number of players – or for 3 players. Each player directly combats 2 opponents and can ally with the enemies of his enemies!

Honour? & Glory has one player simultaneously combat multiple players who are all seeking to gain the most glory from the battle.

Brotherhood In Arms is a 4 player game where the players are split into 2 teams of 2 and where team play is paramount.

Each player needs a set of Mastery Cards to play – 2 sets of which can be found in the base game (War for Edadh: the beginning) and 1 set in every expansion deck.

“These games begin to demonstrate the versatility built into the cards of the game,” co-designer Nigel Pyne explains, “and with rules for guerrilla warfare where scouts try to outmanoeuvre each other to unleash ambushes, plus rules for jousts, chases, scenarios and simple campaigns on the horizon, gamers have a lot to look forward to – a lot to explore and have fun with.”

The game rules can be downloaded from WarriorElite's Website together with demo cards and rules to try the core gameplay for yourself.

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