FATcast Episode 04

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FATcast Episode 04

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Josh and Matt chew the fat about boardgames, movies, comics, and anything else they think is cool.
The Legend of Drizzt, Eaten By Zombies, New York Comic Con, Pauley Shore

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There Will Be Games

The FATCast is recorded live in Uba’s basement by the amazing Engineer Al. Big ups to El Jimador Tequilla and Red Stripe Beer for fueling this edition. Topics covered include: The Legend of Drizzt, Eaten By Zombies, NYCC, Pauley Shore, a discussion of who is the sexiest Disney Princess (spoiler alert: it’s Matt) and a whole lot more.

Will Kenyon’s short story collection: The One That Got Away

Fabian Rangel Jr’s Revenge Rooster (which got cut from this episode, so now you'll have time to read it before we discuss it in the next episode): Revenge Rooster One Shot

We shamelessly "borrow" a sweet riff from our friend’s band The Risk Taken.

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There Will Be Games

Josh Look (He/Him)
Staff Podcaster

One night during the summer of 1997, Josh Look's cool uncle who owned a comic shop taught him how to play Magic the Gathering. The game set off his imagination in a way that he could not sleep that night, and he's been fascinated by games ever since. He spent many afternoons during his high school years skipping homework to play Dungeons & Dragons and paint Warhammer minatures, going on to discover hobby board games in his early 20s. He's been a writer for Fortress Ameritrash and is the creator and co-host of the geek culture podcast, The Wolfman's Lounge. He enjoys games that encourage a heavy amount of table talk and those that explore their themes beyond just their settings.

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