FatCast Episode 05

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FatCast Episode 05

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Josh and Matt chew the fat about boardgames, movies, comics, and anything else they think is cool.
Nexus Ops and King of Tokyo.

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There Will Be Games

The FATCast is recorded live in Uba’s basement by the amazing Engineer Al. Some of the features in this episode include Nexus Ops (HALL OF FAAAAAME!), King of Tokyo, Star Wars: The Old Republic, LOTS of listener email, DuckTales, Before Watchmen and the creative process. Josh manages to continue his streak of talking about Batman EVERY EPISODE. Our controversial question to set the comments aflame: what's the most overrated AT game?

ConnCon's incredible Geocities throwback "webpage" can be found at: http://ConnCon.com

We shamelessly "borrow" a sweet riff from our friend’s band The Risk Taken.

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There Will Be Games

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Articles by Shellie

Shellie "ubarose" Rose
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Articles by Shellie

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