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Next of Ken, Volume 79:  Magic, Thunderstone Advance, Disc Duelers, and Maximum Throwdown!
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"Just Come In When You Can, Ken." I had a boss long ago tell...
FatCast Episode 06
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Podcast Details

Josh and Matt chew the fat about boardgames, movies, comics, and anything else they think is cool.
Pax East, Rex, Dune, Dungeon Command, Thunderstone Advance, Wiz-War, news from Playdek, Nightfall IOS
The hot dish this episode features include Pax East report, Rex and Dune, Dungeon...
Next of Ken, Volume 47: Farewell to MCA, Avengers Assemble, Thunderstone Advance, and Nightfall: The Coldest War!
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Come on in for Next of Ken, where in this week's column we'll bid...
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