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Lord of the Mind Bomb
Member Blogs J jur Updated January 28, 2015 5609   0
In addition to the recent post on weird connections, I also have this memory of reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy while listening to The The's brilliant Mind Bomb.    
From Dynasty to Banzaï to Matchbox
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There’s weird connections in your brain, ya know? Stuff that apparently has nothing to do with each other but makes sense because it all came together at some point in your life. One of those weird connections to me is this one. The memory came back to me playing Kiss' best selling album Dynasty. It connects me to a holiday on Schiermonnikoog, late 1979 or early 1980. Schiermonnikoog is a small island just north of the Dutch coast and a regular place for our spring or...
First Impressions and Final Thoughts on Spiel 2014
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There was some stuff that I hardly saw but quickly formed an opinion about:     Good impression: Historia was very much enjoyed by my friends. It offers a two-axis take on civilization with room for conflict.     ...
Mythotopia and Spiel 2014 shopping
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Saturday's 'one more for the road' game was Mythotopia, Martin Wallace's new offering. It's a bit of a cop out, really, to apply a mechanism to a fantasy (or sci fi) theme, but it works out well enough. As in A Few Acres of Snow the deck building mechanism is subordinated to the map manouever. You build the deck from 4 basic cards and 6 area cards, which gives every player a unique set of resources (grain, gold, bricks and military goods). You can add to your hand by conquering new areas and buying cards from the market...
Just another day at Spiel 2014
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After our pretty successful first day in Essen, we returned still burning with curiosity and enthusiasm. Our first stroke on Friday was to try out Fire in the Lake at the UGG stand. We were quickly into the game as we’ve already played Cuba Libre. But while the mechanics are familiar, FitL is much more complex. There’s more units, more areas and possibly longer scenario’s. So we did...
Visit to Spiel 2014, day 1
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I went to Essen with a rather long list of games I looked out for but it always proves hard to check everything you want and luckily you also run into happy accidents   Hyperborea was a great start to the show. It allows for different strategies, offers some interesting events and sets up for conflict. It’s rightly been likened to Eclipse. We went through a few rounds...
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Having browsed the lists of games coming out at Spiel, and with some suggestions from others, I have come to this list of games I will be looking out for. It's adding up to about fifty, so I've narrowed it down to over a dozen games that I really would like to know more about and the rest would be nice. Of course I've now got an idea what they are about.     Stuff that gives me a good feeling   15...
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I'm a megagame fanboy and no apologies for bringing them to your attention again. One thing you might want to watch is this video put up by the guys at Shut Up & Sit Down, who joined in Watch the Skies! a megagame about encountering aliens.     Obviously they thought it was a blast, and they followed up the video with a podcast.      Not entirely surprising, this has led to a wave of people joining in megagames, selling...
Which 12 games for 2014?
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Okay, if I want to play 12 of my games in this coming year, I had better prepare a shortlist. I will give you a choice from my most recent acquisitions in 2012 and 2013:    From Secret Satan The World Cup Card Game (got in 2011) Ascalion (aka Borderlands, got in 2012) Mission Red Planet (got in 2012) ...
Spiel Essen 2013, part 2: the games I played
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Here's the second part of my Essen experiences, consisting of the games I played, so with a little more hard info on the games. Look here for Part 1 and the Polish section is coming up.   Nate Hayden after a long day explaining his game which sold out quickly    
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