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Monsters Menace America
Board Games 1451
King of the Monster Games
(Updated: August 16, 2008)
I like this game way more than I should, more than likely.

Let's get one thing clear--this game is not bright. It's not intelligent. It rides the "short bus" of game design. Each player puts their "inspired by Godzilla movies" monster on a map of the United States and then spends several turns trying to smash everything they see and grow in power.

Each player also has control of a branch of the military and they'll use these forces to harass the other monsters and impede their progress or inflict damage on them.

It's all leading up to a final showdown between these monsters to see who will be the "King of Beasts". And that's what the whole game is before that point--you've spent that time buffing up so that you can be the last monster standing.

The endgame is even more braindead than the rest of the proceedings as it all boils down to "take those pumped stats, throw an assload of dice, and try to bash your opponent's skull in." It's the weakest part of the game by far.

The military is fairly weaksauce too. We've houseruled the game so that if the Military attacks, they get "first strike" abilities. It makes them a little more potent. You'll have to watch out for a card or two that won't fit perfectly with this rule change but you'll be able to make do.

Despite all of this, the game is fun. The theme is awesome. Without that great theme I don't know that I'd bother. But with the great theme and the nice bits, it makes for a perfect light beat-em-up.

It's not "great". It's no "classic". But it's worth dragging out to bash some mutant monster skulls from time to time.
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