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Welcome to our advertising opportunity page. Please scroll down to see our advertising packages and rates.

There Will Be Games is read by 12,000 - 24,000 unique veiwers each month and gets about 100,000 page views.

If you need assistance, want us to set up your account and campaigns for you (no extra charge) or have any questions PM ubarose or email ubarose AT ThereWillBe.Games.


How to get started for Do it Your-Selfers

 Just choose a package below.

Our Ad wizard will take you through these easy steps.

Step 1: Registration and login

Step 2: Upload your banner ads (if you order a package that includes 2 banners, don't forget to upload both of them)

Step 3: Payment

Step 4: Campaign Management

After exiting the wizard, you can continue to manage your advertising acount by using your Advertiser Dashboard which you will find under Site Tools in our Main Menu

All campaignes are subject to approval. If there is a problem with your ad, someone will contact you via email to resolve the issue (most common problems are ads that are the wrong size, or links that don't work.)

It can take up 48 hours for your campaign to be approved, so please plan ahead. You will receive an e-mail when your campaign is approved.  

  • Description

  • Price

1 Month

One month of advertising with three banners: Top of Page 728 x 90 (max size), Top of Forum 728 x 90 (max size), Mobile top of page 406x72 (max size)
  • Terms: 1 Month(s)
  • Type: Flat Rate Flat Rate - Tme-based: days, weeks, months, or years


3 Months

Buy two months, get one month free. Includes three banners: Mobile Banner 406px x 72px(max size), Forum Banner 728 x 90 (max size), Header Banner 728 x 90 (max size)
  • Terms: 3 Month(s)
  • Type: Flat Rate Flat Rate - Tme-based: days, weeks, months, or years