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Bizarre, bloated, brilliant.
It took a long while, but this is finally living up to its potential in my eyes. Firstly, I've picked up a few expansions which have added much needed difficulty to a game that was far too easy without them.

Secondly, I've come to accept the admittedly repetitive draw-a-card and roll-some-dice mechanics. As soon as I switched my focus to diving into the bizarre and often memorable stories created through our actions rather than the method of gameplay, my enjoyment level sky-rocketed. Arkham Horror is a complete success in providing the tools for some great active storytelling. The flavour and presentation are almost without peer.

I still don't think this is all that great of a "game" in that there aren't really any tough strategic decisions to make and the players are required to do too much work for the payoff, but it is a really fun way to spend an evening and I would choose it over most options with tighter gameplay. It's like nothing else I've ever played.
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