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Junta Board Game
Board Games 804
Running will merely postpone your traitorous death
(Updated: November 08, 2008)
Junta is a game with a set of rules that occasionally are important for game play. More often than not, the heart and soul of Junta is in the side-deals, the nods across the table, the stack of bills stuffed into the shirt pocket of the guy that isn't sure which side he should throw in with. Designed to simulate the machinations of a third world dictatorship, the rules have been well designed to allow for a tremendous amount of wheeling and dealing between the players, all in an effort to get things to fall their way. Undying loyalty and sudden betrayals are all part of the mix in this out-of-the-ordinary game that really gives good talkers an opportunity to show their negotiation skills. There may be a bunch of people on the winning side, but only one is going to be the game winner.

The more players the better!


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July 22, 2019
I also really enjoy Junta- it is our go to game when more than 6 people show up to a game night.
1 results - showing 1 - 1