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Commands & Colors: Ancients
Board Games 3282
Lightweight but fun ancients gaming
The C&C system is probably best suited to ancient warfare (although I haven't tried BattleLore and have no interest in doing so). If you are familiar with the basic concepts from Memoir '44, this game bolts on fairly simple but essential concepts like evasion and battle back. Solid formations and smart positioning of leaders get rewarded over time, as you can strengthen your attacks and avoid punishing retreats.

It's all packaged up nicely. Terrain adds some flavor without burdensome rules, and the blocks are really attractive. I'm glad they didn't use chits or minis for this game...somehow it just feels right the way it is. The scenarios can be played in about an hour.

Plus it has elephants! OK, they are pretty difficult to use effectively due to fragility, but trampling enemies with elephants is just so awesome.
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