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Wiz-War Hot
Board Games 13230
One of the Greats
Wiz-War is divisive. It's a triumph, but if you play with the wrong people, or perhaps with a less than ideal deck configuration, it can stagnate. You also want at least 3 players, ideally 4 or 5. My suggestion is to throw out most of the "counter spell" cards; they are boring and effectively cancel turns and artificially prolong the game.

Wizards stomp around a maze, casting spells... summoning creatures, building walls, laying traps. To what end? Why, to steal your treasure, of course. Or to simply put you in the ground. The variety of spells on hand can lead to some really crazy situations, and while it's true that you can find yourself in some terrible and arguably un-fun situations, by and large you will laugh as an enemy wizard runs screaming while on fire, or another wizard desperately tries to break out of the "prison of walls" you erected around them. Some may suggest trying before you buy, but if the "wizard battle" genre excites you at all, you need this game.
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