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Board Games 2269
Abstract game with appealing theme
I like this game, but again it's a case of being a medium-to-good game that just gets crowded out by better games.

It's an abstract puzzle game when you strip out its theme, and the theme is very thin.

The characters do have varying powers, different combat abilities and movement values. The goal is to outwit and/or outfight your opponent and score more points than him by moving your characters off his side of the board. In that way it's almost a weird football-esque type game where you're trying to score "goals".

One thing I legitimately don't like about it is how combat cards are one-time use, end of story. What happens is both players burn through the cards they have, then everything becomes a dumb "straight-up strength" battle with no surprises. I would like to see the combat cards replenished when you've played them all, but I'll bet that breaks the game and gives too much strength to certain characters.

The room-twisting thing is its "hook", and it's a fairly cool idea. But it does just add to the "puzzle game" feeling as you'll spend a couple of minutes just figuring out which room to twist, in what direction, and when. With the wrong person this will be disastrous as they'll sink into AP and never return.

Plus, physically turning the tiles can be a pain in the ass sometimes once they get loaded up with tokens and characters.

It's not a bad game, a nice two-player Wiz-Warish (in a vague, vague sense) game where you'll move your guys around, pick up a few one-use items, and try to fry the opponent and outmaneuver him.
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