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A Euro with Nukes
(Updated: October 26, 2008)
This is an economic efficiency game. I love the theme and the cartoony artwork (I work in the nuclear power industry), and the game is fun. It has simple rules, is easy to learn, and scales great with any number of players. I usually don't care for efficiency exercises, but I think the modern setting and theme make it a bit more interesting for me (though I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted by it).

The game does tend to get pretty mathy and analytical, though, which can be undesirable depending on my mood. The last turn tends to bog down as everyone starts really thinking about their every expenditure and counting everything, as that last turn is the one that really counts. It's one of the better Eurogames, but I'm usually in the mood for a game with more craziness and less math, and more fun.
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