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Cash’n Guns
Board Games 715
"I will wear your skin like a disposable diaper."
(Updated: August 16, 2019)
Great party game, as long as everyone knows how to swear like a nine-year-old FPS player and has a nutsack full of bile-spitting shrews. You can't just point a foam rubber gun at someone and say "Tee-hee! I will shoot you" and expect to get anything done.

You have to jam it in their eye and scream an invective-laced jeremiad with wishlist components involving their immediate relatives, their pets, flensing knives, suicide, and an eternal afterlife of ear-necklace servitude.

My kids will never, ever see me play this game.

UPDATE: Played with the kids (who are now all of age). To my horror I find they are nasty, nasty people.
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