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One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Board Games 1146
Peasantcide in a Fistful of Minutes
(Updated: September 01, 2019)
This shouldn't work. It shouldn't! And yet...

Also: The free app is pretty sweet—it runs through the whole script (based on the roles in play), makes atmospheric background noises to cover the inevitable shuffle of tiles, and has a configurable countdown timer which then calls for the vote.

We almost always set the timer to just a few minutes to make the tedious reconstruction of the night-shenanigans flowchart as frenetic and sloppy as possible. Otherwise you risk some anal retentive concrete thinker painstakingly putting it all together into an airtight case—which is boring and not the point of the game. Keep it short and slapdash so logic loopholes can snare the hasty. Then play again... and again... and again...
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