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Board Games 2084
Great game with broad appeal
This is a great zombie-themed game where survivors in a mall try to outlast the zombie threat until help arrives.

Of course, the zombies grow in number and soon the humans turn to backstabbing each other, playing tricks on each other and essentially feeding one another to the zombies.

Of all the zombie games, despite the system's abstraction I think it captures a lot of the message of Romero's zombie movies nicely. When you're kicking a little girl out to be feasted on by zombies--because she's worth less--what does that say about you? Who is the monster? *grin*

Lots of running around and trying to stay alive. Just a good time.

Despite its somewhat grim theme, this has been a hit with every group we've introduced it to. It isn't perfect, and the rulebook in particular is so bad you'll likely miss several rules for your first few games, but this is a great game and worth picking up.
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