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Nexus Ops
Board Games 4296
Knife fight. Phone booth. Go for it.
Really, Nexus Ops is a great example of a classic style game "modernized" and cleaned up into light gaming perfection.

It's got a tiered combat system like Shogun/Samurai Swords. You've got the whole building troops/collecting resources, feels a lot like Warcraft or something similar.

Instead of turtling, you've got two motivators to get out there and kill some bugs--one, your mission cards almost always award you points for doing some smashing, and two, the "Monolith" in the middle of the field grants POWERFUL cards to he who controls it. Let someone sit on the Monolity uncontested for a few turns and I assure you the game will conclude not long after.

Great bits, tons of combat, awesome card play, and all this for a four-player light wargaming smash-em-up that takes 90 minutes to play. You simply can't beat it. For $20 or less you'd be foolish not to have a copy of this.

It's a touch too light in places, and you're sometimes going to want something heavier, so I can't go the full 6. But this is certainly one of the great Ameritrash games. BUY IT.

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