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Baseball Highlights 2045
Board Games 1681
(Updated: April 29, 2019)
"I'm not a fan of baseball at all"...let me just get that out of the way, as many reviews of this game will require it. In fact, the design of the game has helped non-fans of baseball warm to this game by setting it in 2045 and adding robots and cyborgs. So it's okay, it's not baseball, it's sci-fi, though there's no reason it couldn't have just been baseball.

Anyhow, the game is pretty neat, a sort of "Blood Bowl Team Manager" but for the dugout set. You call plays, buy new players (even during the middle of the World Series, which seems kind of odd to me) and the action is meant to be a sort of overview of the inning (a "highlight", if you will) instead of literal pitch-by-pitch action.

It works well, though it kind of needs an action flowchart at first to get used to. The action is pretty quick and interesting and it's not crazy complex. I enjoyed it, but it seems like there could be a little more meat on it.
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