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Skull Tales: Full Sails!

01 Jun 2018 18:50 #274476 by DracoIdeas
Replied by DracoIdeas on topic Skull Tales: Full Sails!
After several weeks at sea, Buster ‘Double Tongue’ cried ‘land ho!’ from atop the crow’s nest after spotting the coast of Tortuga Isle, home of the pirates. The crew was tired, but they were bursting with pride and happiness due to all the treasure safely stored in the hold of the Southern Lady.

Father Javier directed his thanks to the heavens, accompanying each line with a swig from his flask.

The boatswain, Louis ‘Draco’, was still giving orders left and right. It was as if he was preparing the crew for another oncoming storm instead of docking at a friendly port – always on alert. From the helm, Sergei ‘Commas’ hummed a tune as he tried to mentally calculate how much his part of the booty would come to.

At the main mast, Josman ‘the Hermit’, Rachel ‘Knots’, Deezza ‘Silence’, and Henry ‘Bullets’ were bringing down the sails.

Franky ‘The artist’ was cleaning the deck together with his friends Charles ‘Letters’ and Jesús ‘Broken Wrist’, while ‘Red’ James was in a rush to pick up all the navigational charts.

In the meantime, Captain Bald Beard observed his crew with his arms crossed as he smiled from the corner of his mouth already thinking about the next journey…

Thank you, truly and deeply, thank you.

Thanks for helping to make this dream come true. Thanks for making me realize there are amazing people out there that I don’t know. Thanks for making it possible that friends, family, and even strangers, can sit around a table and for one moment in their lives become pirates as they smile, shout, jump up from their chairs and have a great time. Thanks for sailing all over the world. Thanks for helping me improve my game. Thanks for putting a smile on my face that will not disappear for a long time. Thanks for your stories, time, and good wishes.

Thanks, thanks, thanks again.

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