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Mr. White suggested I write a blog, so I did.

08 May 2018 20:01 #272906 by drewcula
Many moons ago, I felt both Mr. White and Mr. Barnes had joined the splendor of my favorite Sports Role Playing Game.
That's right. I wrote Sports Role Playing Game. League play is progressive, immersive, and dare I say it... Legacy.
Well, both Mike and Jeff checked out for the flavor of something new, or something much older.
To each his own.
On his way to the Blood Bowl pitch, Mr. White suggested in passing that I write a blog. I immediately dismissed it. My thought was, "too much to do already."

That early assessment is still true, but I found I could write a blog. I just needed the help of a two other fanatics. I recruited two blokes with similar DreadBall addictions, drafted us a mission statement, established a schedule, and started writing.

We publish weekly. We've been at it for five months. We help sponsor DreadBall tournaments and we give stuff away when we meet people in the flesh.

If any of you have time to burn, please check it out.
R/ Coach Drewcula

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