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TOPIC: What BOARD GAME(s) have you been playing?

What BOARD GAME(s) have you been playing? 22 Jul 2018 09:07 #278127

san il defanso wrote:
Gary Sax wrote:
Apropos of Eldritch, we played Arkham Horror for my wife's belated birthday Arkham. We drew Golub or whatever and it was a fun game, I've never fought him. I think it's a pretty good GOO. As always, the game delivered, with us winning on a nailbiting mythos pull and then gate seal roll. My wife fucking loves this game. I must admit I enjoy it too after all these years. My wife made some sarcastic derogatory comments about EH while we played when we all lost some health and later when she lost a turn. She considers it basically the lose a turn game.

It's been a while since I have played either Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror, but I do recall that AH made characters "delayed" with some frequency. Isn't that a glorified "lose a turn" mechanic?

I love Arkham Horror, but delayed is definitely a threat. One time we were playing with the Kingsport expansion, and a player went to the old sailor's retirement home, to remove one of those rift tokens. Three turns in a row, he got delayed there while listening to old sailors telling tales. The first time was annoying, the second time was upsetting, and the third time made it hilarious.
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What BOARD GAME(s) have you been playing? 22 Jul 2018 14:25 #278151

Disgustipater wrote:
That being said, I still don't know if I can justify getting 4th Ed. when I already have everything for 3rd. Maybe if I can sell my 3rd Ed. set for a decent price I would be okay with dropping $120 for the new box.

It just occurred to me that I may not have to buy it. The host of the game apparently plays every week or every other week, so I can potentially get a game in whenever I want. Granted, it wont be with my usual players, but everyone there seemed like decent people (it was my first time playing with this group). I'll have my copy if my regulars want a game, but not having to organize it is a plus.
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