Dragon Rage Review

24 Oct 2011 02:00 #268979 by Matt Thrower

If you’re any stripe of geek at all, you’ve have had daydreams about dragons wreaking havoc on civilization. Whether it’s a picture of Sturm Brightblade standing alone on the high clerist’s tower as dragons appear out of the sunset, or fond memories of Farmer Giles of Ham, there’s something about the clash of primeval, elemental forces as represented by the dragon against the thin walls that stand between civilization and chaos that speaks directly to the geek centers in the brain and makes you go all weak at the knees. Many years ago the good people at Dwarfstar games realised this, and they published a cheap and cheerful game about it called Dragon Rage that became the best known titles in their range. More recently the good people at Flatlined games realised that a little more dragon rampage was what gaming had been missing for two decades and decided to re-release an upgraded, limited edition so that a new generation of gamers could lay waste to cities all over again. One of those lucky gamers turned out to be me, after Flatlined sent on a review copy.


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